It is my deep appreciation of nature that inspires my work. My journey into the creative process began in 2007 after a move to Sarasota, Florida. The colors were so vastly different from the Canadian landscape in which I grew up.

My palette changes with my location, transitioning seasonally from the bright teals and turquoise and creamy pink sands of the Gulf of Mexico to the rustic greens and earthy tones of the Canadian landscape.

My landscapes begin with a mood, a light or moment I've observed and the painting evolves quite organically.

My abstracts are a play with color, beginning with an idea and allowing it to evolve.

I paint while in my studio, listening to music as the sun soaks the room or a storm brews down the river. I feel compelled to translate the natural environment in which I live, in order to express gratitude for its incredible beauty.

Erin Thibault-Morphy